For this

For this Very often as a result of surgical treatment of a contracture of one some joint the biomechanics of other joints is broken.

For this reason surgical treatment of complications of a spastic diplegiya should be carried out according to the exact plan and it is consecutive, differently elimination of one contracture will have pernicious effect on biomechanics of other joints and a backbone, and the child will move even worse.

To discuss various operations in this book it would be inappropriate as nature of violations at each child is individual.

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With a spastic

With a spastic At a spastic form of a cerebral palsy a situation absolutely other the kid holds subjects, very strong squeezing them in a hand therefore it will be extremely difficult for it to lift and throw a heavy ball, so the small firm ball will be suitable for it better.

With a spastic hemiplegia it is useful for child to play a big inflatable ball which will force it to work with both hands.

If the kid can hold in a hand only stick subjects, he will suit ball game which is attached on an elastic band.

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For them

For them But, on the other hand, we simply had no place to disappear.

Professional kitezhsky teachers at all desire could not cope in full with the basic program.

Then it was offered to each pupil of a graduation class to lead one lesson in day certainly, in a favourite subject in one of elementary grades.

Our seniors with pleasure responded to this idea.

For them teaching appeared in the way to increase the authority.

At the same time it improved their own knowledge, having allowed to look at the studied material in a new way.

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Enclose Enclose a rubber toypishchalku between the childs palms and press on it, cramping his palms.

Enclose a subject habitual to it, for example its small bottle in palms of the kid.

If you have a pet, stroke his palms of the child.

Lets take to the baby rough, smooth, damp, dry, warm, cold or sticky subjects.

If it pulls subjects in a mouth, take care of that they were large and harmless.

Put on a rubber, woolen or tarpaulin glove and lets the kid touch your fingers and to take you by hand.

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Why girls

Why girls Why girls stopped near a puppy?

How the puppy looks?

Why he hung the head?

What rain goes?

What girls to a puppy felt?

And how the puppy felt?

Picture No.

: Whom do you see in this picture?

Where there are girls and a puppy?

How girls are dressed?

And how the puppy looks?

What does it do?

How girls look at a puppy?

What is represented in the picture hanging on a wall?

Picture No.

: What girls in this picture do?

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